Rocking Island

every morning

The sound of my day.


Nobility without kings when I approach and touch her

Caresses my body while cleaning me inside

And it fills me again with a simple breath.


But from afar she gets me to look at her again

and when observing her

I see that anger.

It is contained.

The innocence she had

Has become harmful.

Your blue blood is now red

She hits the rock hard

Asking for shelter


Burning creature that clings to the earth

and denies oblivion.

Trying to save herself in something colder.

Too frozen

Too afraid to realise that this is not her status.


She is soft and dreamy!

Full of life...


She wants to return where she belongs

Neither fly nor walk

just flow

and breastfeed their ones who wait


under her

For her madness to go away.

Let them be taken for granted.


Howls drowned by the bird's song.

Dragons emanating from the same faithful past.

Millennial ancestors who do not understand evil.


Fly Sea blow away

Before it's too late


Run away from us

And sail


Because they are no longer present

Because they won't save you