Bilbao, March 1968

2022 July Solo Exhibition selected by PhotoEspaña XXV Aniversary for Off Festival at Orfila Gallery

2019 October Granted by Etxepare Basque Institute as an ambassador for our language and culture abroad

2019 October participation at Flecha Contemporary Art Fair till November2019

2019 August International Group Exhibition during La Biennale di Arte di Venezia 

2019 July International Group Exhibition at Antiparos Photofestival (Greece) AIPF2019

2019 April International Group Exhibition at Roma (Italy) for Loosenart Environment Documenta -Opening April the 4th

2019 March Invitation from LensCulture for creating my own portfolio

2018 September&October Participation at Flecha Contemponary Art Fair at Bilbao (Spain)

2018 May&June Urban Exhibition with an intervention of a 2m high sculpture of one maid of honour of Velazquez painting "Las Meninas" for Meninas Madrid Gallery. Madrid (Spain)

2017 November Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijón 2017 (Spain)

2017 October Screen official section at "La Nuu" at Rubí (Spain)

2016 oficial section Scan Off at Scan Tarragona (Spain) with "Claustrum" 

2016 September Winner at Santander Photo Festival with the slide-show Fiction at "Claustrum" (Cantabria) Spain

2016 Group Exhibition at Museo de Fotografía de Huete Fundación  Antonio Pérez curated by Ricky Dávila and inaugurated in Bilbao on September 2015 at CFC (Cuenca & Bilbao /Spain)
2015 November Exhibition at the Place des Arts de Montréal for the Elektra Opera (Canadá) with the "genesis of Victor Ochoa 's "Agamemnon" sculpture"

2015 Projection at CFC Bilbao with Claustrum at AMOT Cfc Bilbao

2014 August  Selected at popular participation at Getxophoto with “Wolf atacando a Otto” (Spain)
2013 August Accesit at the 1st  Iberdrola-Cfc Contest Imagination at Bilbao (Spain)