Bilbao, March 1968

2018 ¿??

2017 November Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijón 2017

2017 October Screen en La Nuu (Rubí) Barcelona

2016 October Selected at “Experimento Bio” with Ἀγαμέμνων Génesis de una escultura”

2016 September Slide-show at Santander Photo Festival winner

2015 October Selected at  “Experimento Bio” with Claustrum

2014 August  Selected at popular participation at Getxophoto with “Wolf atacando a Otto”

2013 August Accesit at the 1st  Iberdrola-Cfc Contest with Miscelánea Imagination



2016 at the Museo de Fotografía de Huete with "AMOT" group exhibition curated by Ricky Dávila and inaugurated in Bilbao on September 2015 at CFC Museo de Fotografía de Huete Fundación Antonio Pérez

2015 Exhibition at the place the "Place des Arts" in Montréal (Canada) with "Ἀγαμέμνων génesis de una escultura”

2014 Getxophoto "Luchas" with "Otto atacando a Wolf"

2013/End 2012 at Kalian Hkg (Leioa),  Castillo de Argüeso (Cantabria) and Sala Efímere as finalist at its contest (Córdoba) with “Miscelánea"




2016 Scan Off at Scan Tarragona with "Claustrum" 

2016 Santander Photo with Slideshow

2016 DEFOTO IX (Photo Days Ateneo Obrero de Gijón) with Fiction at Claustrum

2015 FotoAplauso Madrid with Claustrum at AMOT

2015 CFC Bilbao with Claustrum at AMOT Cfc Bilbao

2015 Opéra de Montréal with Agamemnon: génèse du projet